School of Communication & Media

Welcome to the official website of the School of Communication & Media at Kennesaw State University. If you are new to our community, this site will tell you about our mission, focus and curriculum and guide you to some useful resources to investigate the dynamic field of communication. We offer courses that expose students to the art and science of communication and prepare them to achieve fulfilling careers in media, journalism, public relations, organizational communication and other communication areas. Our courses lead to a Bachelor of Science in Communication or Public Relations.

Summer classes move you closer to graduation! Find a time that meets your schedule.

Seats currently available for Summer

PR 3335MTWRF1:00 – 5:30p.m.Maymester
PR 3355MTWRF8:00 – 12:30p.m.Maymester
PR 3375MW hybrid2:00 – 4:45p.m.June
PR 3380MTWRF1:00 – 5:30p.m.Maymester
PR 3429MW11:00 – 1:45p.m.June/July
PR 4460TR hybrid11:00 – 1:45p.m.June
PR 4460MW2:00 – 4:45p.m.June/July
PR 4495MTWRF8:00 – 12:30p.m.Maymester
COM 2230MTWR2:00 – 4:45p.m.June
COM 3435R hybrid2:00 – 4:45p.m.June/July
COM 4434TR11:00 – 1:45p.m.June/July
COM 4480W hybrid 2:00 – 4:45p.m.June/July
JOUR 3360MW8:00 – 10:45p.m.June/July



  • COM (Communication)
  • JOUR (Journalism & Emerging Media)
  • PR (Public Relations)
  • MENT (Media & Entertainment Studies)
  • ORGC (Organizational & Professional Communication)


Effective August 11, 2017, the Entrance Exam score will be raised to 78% (NEW) or higher, along with an adjusted GPA requirement in five Area F SOCM courses of 2.75 or higher to qualify to major in Communication, Public Relations or Journalism and Emerging Media.

Petitioning to Graduate as a Journalism or PR Major