School of Communication & Media

Programs: B.S. in Communication

The Bachelor of Science in Communication is a unique degree in that students can choose to focus on one of three very distinct concentrations. They are Journalism and Citizen Media, Media Studies, and Organizational Communication..

Journalism and Emerging Media

The Journalism and Emerging Media concentration at KSU is at the forefront of a major media shift in which traditional mainstream media are changing as more content goes online and into a wider digital world. The JEM concentration immerses students in the journalism and emerging media fields. Our students learn how to write and produce news and feature stories. Students also gain hands-on digital experience in our digital video, audio, and photojournalism courses. The Multi-Media Visions of Community Capstone allows seniors to explore a community in the greater Atlanta area and share its stories with an audience.

Students are versed in journalism’s legal and ethical codes and mores. They gain an understanding of communication and journalism theory and practice in civic and community journalism and citizen media concepts. Students learn to advance journalism literacy, principles and practice within the public square. Their education includes understanding how to adapt to a dynamic media world where new technologies and innovation have disrupted old sustained models.

Media Studies

The Media Studies Concentration helps students navigate the media-rich culture as critical thinkers and intentional media creators and users in employment and in personal life. The three competency areas-Technology, Writing, and Media Literacy-offer a focused set of knowledge gains our media studies graduates will need in an increasingly complex and converging media world.

The concentration is designed to give students the freedom to personalize their studies. Students can make creative combinations of courses to suit their interests and blend knowledge and insight in interdisciplinary ways.

Graduates from this concentration will be more savvy media consumers, parents, and participants in the democratic process. Career directions could include, among others: media sales, media buyer, media research, public affairs, writing and publishing, public information officer, community outreach, political advocacy, ministry, as well as communication-based jobs in local, state and federal government. Media Studies also is useful preparation for graduate study.

Organizational Communication

Organizational Communication professionals study the role of communication in increasing corporate productivity and employee satisfaction. KSU is the only Georgia institution offering an undergraduate concentration in Organizational Communication.

Organizational Communication students learn the skills they need to develop employee training programs, training manuals, and employee handbooks. Students also conduct communication audits at area companies to measure employee satisfaction with company communication practices. Students often intern in corporate human resources or training and development departments.

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